Meet A 14-Year-Old Who Can Deadlift Twice His Body Weight

Jake Schellenschlager isn't your typical video game obsessed middle schooler. At only 14-years-old, has set records for powerlifting. Known as the The Wonder Kid, 119-pound Jake has a fierce physical strength that is only rivalled by his hard-hitting, never-quitting mentality. youth powerlifting "He doesn’t feel he can be defeated. It is that inner strength that tells him, ‘I can do this.’ Usually, you only get that in older, more mature people.” his trainer, Mike Sarni explains. The young, freckled Jake can currently lift twice his body weight, and that is just the start. But doctors are not so sure that powerlifting is healthy for a small, growing body. muscles fitness weights “There is high risk to heavy maximal lifts or explosive lifts during [teens] rapid growth phrase." says Youth Sports Medicine Specialist Paul Stricker. "We just don’t recommend they do maximal lifts or explosive lifts until they have finished the majority of their growth spurt." [bctt tweet="Meet A 14-Year-Old Who Can Deadlift Twice His Body Weight"] But Jake's parents think differently, encouraging their son to pursue his dreams just like they would if he loved any other competitive sport. They cheer him on from the crowd as he steps on stage and deadlifts an amazing 300 pound weight, knowing he can handle anything he sets his mind to. children physical activity Jake trains 7 days a week, doing legs, chest, bicep and tricep workouts to ensure he maintains his strength. What keeps him so motivated? “My dad, because he is super strong. When I see him it gives me motivation.” the 8th grader explains. What are your thoughts on Jake's love of powerlifting? Share them with us! Source: Men's Fitness

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