Meet the Dog Who Rides the Bus All By Herself

Two-year-old black labrador Eclipse often rides the bus to a nearby dog park with her owner, Jeff Young. But one day, she started taking the bus alone. KOMO-TV reports that local radio host Miles Montgomery was amazed to see the pooch get off the bus, without an owner, at a dog park last week. 7-tips-cara-fitness-menggunakan-alat-berat-bagi-pemula-iii   Eclipse peers out of the bus window. Credit: KOMONEWS.COM   The dog'sowner, Jeff Young, says of Eclipse: “She’s a bus-riding, sidewalk-walking dog.” Young says his dog sometimes gets on the bus without him, and he catches up with her at the dog park three or four stops away. Young also states that Eclipse's first solo bus ride happen to be by accident. After riding the bus with his dog numerous times, Young took a smoke break one day before heading to the public transportation. When he missed the bus, Eclipse took off without him, riding on his own. Others on the bus delight that she hops onto seats next to strangers, and watches out the window for her stop. Says commuter Tiona Rainwater, “All the bus drivers know her … she makes everybody happy.”   For free diet and workout plans, click the image below: URLSmall

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