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Meet The New Girl

June 17, 2013 4 min read

I bet you guys know what it’s like to be the new girl/guy around, don’t you? So I thought I’d introduce myself ;)

Well, first things first: my name is Eliza, but everyone calls me Liz, and I’m a historian, trying to get through my master’s, and I’m also a Fashion and Beauty blogger from Brazil.  But let’s go to the good stuff, shall we?

And what I mean by that is why writing for the Hiit Blog is so important to me, and then you’ll actually get to know who I am, beyond names and jobs and waist size.

I’m a 26 year old girl that has had her fair share of hard things in life. I don’t pity myself, not anymore anyways, and I don’t blame anyone, I’m through that too. And we can talk about all that latter, on a next post maybe, if you guys want to, but the thing is that all that made me who I am today, and I can finally look back and take a breath.

For the longest time I’ve wanted to be all tall and gorgeous, but I’ve learned that I can be beautiful on a pocket size,  and what makes me special are all these little things that I didn't use to like much about me, you know? Yeah, kinda sounds like a bad cliché, right? But, in fact, all of my struggles make me strong, and they are what made me a whole person, a deep soul. It’s not an easy journey, and I’m still on the beginning of it, but I can see the blurry road right in front of me.

I was always that girl that didn’t fit in. I was too weird, too short, I couldn’t find myself pretty in any way. And I always had this crazy and funny personality, and I simply couldn’t speak up, and had no voice even to scream. And a couple of years back I decided that I’ve had enough: it was time to grow stronger and fight for me.

So I did.

One of the things that bothered me the most was that I simply didn’t feel like I belonged in my own body.  I wanted to be slimmer, sexier, stronger, with perfect hair and perfect skin: a plastic version of me, right out from a magazine. The thing is everyone’s got a pimple now and then! So why couldn’t I just look at me and love what I saw?

I’m not saying we should stop working hard and improving, not at all! And don’t ever settle, fight for want you want, always! And I’m also not saying I’m  the guru here: I still catch myself doing that "tummy pull" in front of the mirror and going like “if it were just like thisssss I’d be happy” –I bet you guys know the drill too, right?!

But, hey, two years later and I’m healthy and I can sing –and scream pitch perfect -, but sometimes I still wonder if I’m worth all the trouble, you know? But I guess that’s life. What makes us fighters is getting up again and never giving up.

And here is where I wanted to get you: so why fashion and beauty?

A lot of people say those are dictatorships. Well, I’m a subversive.

And because of my way of seeing things, studying other cultures and other times, fashion and beauty, both, made me discover myself and deal a lot better with all of my body images issues. When you stop to think about it, and realize that a lot of the identity problems and the body image ones are so closely related, it stops being a shallow thing, and starts to be a way of understanding who you are as a person, what are your dreams and hopes. It doesn’t have to define you and can still be art. Another art form to create with your body.  So that’s what I’ll be writing about. Art, personality and how to add all that to your daily routine.

And not just understanding that the idea of both fashion and beauty were historical, but also having something in the present to help me focus has helped me a lot to be where I am: the  Bodyrock site, the hosts and the community have been my rock  (oh yeah! I’ve been bodyrocking for the past two years!) , and you all have given me so much strength, and that’s why writing for you guys is so important to me!  I know sometimes we don’t even realize one comment or one cheer is enough to help someone go through their day, but thrust me, it is! That has happened to me so many times! And that’s the wonder here. That’s the magic!

So welcome all to my wonderland, I hope I can do some magic here, and always know, you have in me a friend.


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