Meet the World's Strongest Boys-Aged 9 & 7

What does through your mind when you hear the term "buff kid?" Can kids really get "buff" anyway? Meet Giuliano & Claudiu Stroe-ages 9 & 7 years old. bccdaefc13a21c189d9a9c569bd3e27f These pint sized Romanian bodybuilders just might blow your mind-and make you get off the couch and nix the excuses!

The boys' father, Iulian Stroe, 35, was determined to make his sons famous and put them through a gruelling two-hour regime each morning while the family lived in Florence.


Giuliano even holds world records for  the fastest 10 meter hand-walk with a weighted ball between the legs and for the number of 90 degree push ups.

Despite these boys' ambitions and desires, there has been great debate on if this is healthy or harmful for them.

What's your thoughts? Is it okay for a father to train his young sons or should they go play outside and have a "normal" life?

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