Melatonin Soon To Be Available In Spray Form

People with sleeping problems will soon be able to say good-bye to their insomnia with the help of a new "sleeping spray" promising to get you to sleep in no time. sprayable sleep Sprayable Sleep is a spray that features a mix of melatonin, tytosine and distilled water. Melatonin is the main feature of this topical spray and is a natural hormone that regulates your circadian rhythm. With just two sprays on the neck, the developers behind this product claim a person will be able to fall asleep within the hour. sprayable sleep2 Melatonin can already be bought in pill form for those who have trouble falling asleep but Sprayable Sleep will be the first melatonin spray on the market. What makes Sprayable Sleep unique from melatonin pills is:
  • Unlike the pills, the spray will seep into the body at a gradual rate (mimicking the way the body produces melatonin) and won't leave you groggy in the morning.
  • It contains 30 times less melatonin than the amount that is found in pills (Most pills have between 100-300 times the necessary 0.03mg melatonin amount required by a person).
The product will soon be available to consumers, so we're curious: Will you consider buying this product over melatonin pills already sold on the market?

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