Why Men Can Make Even Then Smartest Women Act Stupid

It happens all the time. Intelligent women ignore everything they know and stay with a man who doesn't deserve them. But why?

We choose emotion over rational thought

Logic is easy. Until you're in love. We can no longer see things clearly. All we have is this zoomed in, close up, fuzzy view that makes our hearts skip and our brains stop. You know you are missing part of the picture but you don't really care.

We're addicted to what feels good and ignore the consequences

We can't see long term. All we know is right now and it feels so grand. The world has gone from being massive and populated to consisting of just you two. All you need to survive is in one another. Sounds good, but is a total crock a lot of the time. We are too busy falling in love to think about anything else.

Lust overcomes intellect

Sex wins. Every. Single. Time. You may have doubts about his suitability as a partner but the second he touches you, your brain turns to mush and it no longer matters. Jokes around about men thinking with their penises but are we really all that different? Not if we're being truly honest.

We have relationship memory loss

We just never seem to learn. We could be dating someone who is exhibiting the EXACT same behaviour patterns that lead to the demise of our last relationship and yet, we just don't see it. We continue on, hoping for a different result. Insanity. As Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.

Once we're vulnerable, we're stuck

We seem to take down our walls for the most undeserving men and then can't remember how to put them back up. We want to give ourselves to them because they seem so distant. We don't understand it, we think we can be the one that gets through and it enchants us. We give them our best selves only to have it blow up in our faces.

We're really good at rationalizing irrational behaviour

We, super smart women are also the best at coming up with really rational explanations for our behaviours. We can justify his missteps and misdeeds because he is on a spiritual journey. He'll change. We have any number of excuses, because that's all they are, and some of them even sound reasonable. We really are that good. I hope to one day harness these powers and use them for good. To use that desire I have to love and be loved in a way that truly benefits me. If I figure out how, I will let you know. h/t: Elite Daily

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