Men Can Have Nice Butts Too

The DailyHIIT has placed a lot of emphasis on helping women to tone up their butts and get them looking "Such Wow!", but that doesn't mean that us men couldn’t stand to pay attention to our glutes. After all, if we've got them, why not flaunt them? Why can't men have butts that women want to grab? I think it's time that the gents got a bit of help as well. Here is a great workout that will help men get a nicely sculpted derriere. I call it the Men Can Have Nice Butts Too Workout. Catchy, right?

Mule Kicks

Get down on your hands and knees, preferably in a room where no one can see you. Look over your right shoulder, and extend your right leg behind you as high as you can.

By the time you hit 30 reps, your butt will be on fire. Switch it up to the other leg for another 30.


Lie on your back, feet flat on the floor and with your knees bent. Raise your hips as high into the air as you can comfortably, and clasp your hands beneath your butt. Hold for 60 seconds.

Double down on the intensity of this exercise by lifting a leg into the air as you raise your hips. Prepare to feel those glutes burn!

Barbell Hip Thrust

Sit on the floor with your back against a weight bench, and place a barbell across your lap. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent as you push your upper back into the bench and your hips into the air. Hold your hips in perfect alignment with the rest of your body, and squeeze as hard as you can.

Repeat this exercise for at least a set of 12 to 15.

Cable Leg Kickbacks

Attach the cable ankle strap, and connect the cable to it. Stand facing the weight stack, and kick your leg out behind you - like you would a standing mule kick. Repeat for a set of 20 repetitions and switch legs.


It's a simple workout, but one that's going to get those glutes looking fine!

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