Men find THIS hair and eye colour combination sexiest

Whether we know it or not, we all have a type. It might be hair colour, it might be body type, might be something else entirely. Have you ever wondered what combination of traits men find the most attractive? Wonder no more. 2000 men were polled by social media site Badoo to discover what hair and eye colour they prefer on a woman. Can you guess the results? Brunettes with blue eyes won the day. Maybe blondes don't have more fun. The poll also found out a few other interesting things:

Men prefer a woman to be a dress size 12 - 14

Well, now. The majority of men said they prefer women that are size 12-14 and only 10 percent prefer a woman size 6-8.

Men on eye colour

After a closer look at the numbers, it appears that men prefer blue eyes or at least 40.2 percent of those surveyed do. Brown eyes were second with 29.2 percent. Green was third and hazel rounded out the bottom. I'm not sure what to think here as a size 10 brunette with grey eyes. At least my hair colour is right... Not true, I know exactly what to think. I think these findings are interesting but not really the entire story. Don't fret if you don't rank in these categories. It is any number and combination of things that can make you attractive to someone. We've all got a little something that sets us apart, work that and the rest will fall into place. What do you think?

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