More Men Than Women Think 'Love' Is The Secret Ingredient To Great Sex

We didn't think men had such a romantic connection when it comes to affairs of the bedroom. But in a new online survey, it was revealed that almost half of men feel love is the key to mind-blowing sex. On the contrary, nearly 70% of women surveyed confessed that they would consider trading a wonderful relationship that may be lacking between the sheets for a hot sex sesh with, oh, say, Channing Tatum? Women apparently hold a deeper value on sexual chemistry between partners, while men seem to think just being in love is the only chemistry needed. Aw, guys. From a female perspective, I think being in love and having sexual chemistry go hand in hand. Love without passionate sexual attraction can be frustrating, and lust without love leaves you somewhat empty. What are your thoughts? Is sexual chemistry more important than emotional connectivity when it comes to having great sex? Share your opinions with us!  

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