Mid-week Motivation.

Happy Wednesday everybody!!

We all want results, right? Of course we do and we want them fast and NOW! That isn't always realistic though. Results may come quickly for some and more slowly for others. That's OKAY! Everyone is different. Our metabolisms don't all run the same.We all have different schedules, different routines, and different things that work for us.

The key to results is to keep going! Don't give up if you don't see any changes immediately. It takes time. If you are a beginner don't quit! Everyone has to start somewhere. You will see changes though!

If you've been hiit'N these workouts everyday and are at a more advanced level, keep going! You're already past the beginning stages and you're just working your way up to a stronger, healthier, and  happier you!

Here are some important things to remember, no matter what your schedule looks like. These are SMALL and simple factors that play a BIG part in fitness.
  1. Eat breakfast! Why? You've been sleeping all night and those 5-8 (Or however long you sleep) hours, your body has been deprived. Especially of water.
  2. Drink water! Not only is it good for your hair, nails, skin, and all the obvious reasons, it also helps aid in digestion. You need water to lose water. So going 'potty' every hour might be slightly annoying, but it's beneficial! Plus, it's simple to do, you just drink it!
  3. Protein, protein, and protein! Eat some form of protein at every meal if possible!
  4. Treat yourself! Yes, it's okay to treat yourself! Moderation is the key. Don't deprive yourself. There are healthy alternatives to everything that will satisfy your craving!
  5. Keep moving! Don't be a bump on a log! Get up and clean, go for a walk, or HIIT these workouts with us! Any activity is better than no activity.

'Dreams don't work unless you do'

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