Mighty Stalks: Celery Nutrition

Celery nutrition is a common mystery - while it’s one of the most common vegetables, not many of us truly understand just how many health benefits celery packs. Long touted for it’s high fibre and subsequent weight loss properties, celery is no one trick pony. Here are some celery nutrition facts to give you a better understanding of celery’s other health benefits: Celery can help reduce blood pressure. This nifty veg contains active phthalides, which relaxes the muscles of the arteries that control blood pressure so the vessels dilate. Phthalides also reduce stress hormones, which can cause blood vessels to constrict. Celery has a high ratio of nutrition compared to its low carbohydrate level. Celery is a fantastic bread substitute. Instead of having cheese and crackers or peanut butter and crackers, slap some spread on a stick of celery for a high fibre, low carb option.

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