Mila Kunis claims "Breastfeeding is like working out"

Mila Kunis revealed how she lost her baby weight on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, giving props to Breast feeding and it's seeming ability to help new mothers shed their pregnancy weight. We wanted to throw this back out to the moms out there and see if anyone else has found this to be true. Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.13.00 PM The 31-year-old told the late night host that breastfeeding was like working out and credited it for her dramatic weight loss. Mila, who welcomed her daughter Wyatt with Ashton Kutcher on October 1, wore a strapless gown to the interview that showed off her fit figure. 'Breastfeeding is like working out,' the actress explained to Kimmel regarding how she bounced back to her pre-pregnancy shape so quickly. 'That, and it's true that I am very active,' Mila added. 'I hike almost every day with her.' Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.13.12 PM And in his characteristically sardonic manner, Kimmel respoded: 'Oh, exercise, I didn't think of that.' 'I strap her in a papoose, and away we go,' the actress said without skipping a beat. Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 3.16.54 PM Which leaves us with a question for you moms out there... Did breastfeeding help you loose weight after your pregnancy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! H/T: The Daily Mail    

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