Miley Cyrus Poses Nude For Paper Magazine Cover

The folks who tried to break the internet with Kim Kardashian's ass are back. Remember this one? kimk Well, this time they bring you a naked Miley Cyrus and a pig. miley nude 2 Inside the magazine, the feature includes photos of Miley's naked body with strategically placed, painted on, geometric shapes. In a few, she wears decoration on her pubic hair. I'm all for removing stigma from the human form. No one should ever be shocked, dismayed, disgusted, or ashamed at the sight of a naked body. We all have bodies, and they are all largely comprised of the same parts so who cares? This isn't to say that I'm comfortable flouncing around naked but maybe I should be. On one level, Miley's comfort with her body is admirable and something worth noting. On an another, it seems to be a bit much. In the interview, Miley discusses her bisexuality and her Happy Hippie Foundation that supports outreach programs for queer youths. I think that part of the story is wonderful! Her efforts to support a very vulnerable population are admirable. Problem is, no one will talk about those efforts. All of the discussion will be around her nudity and it will disintegrate into slut shaming and moral objections. Plus side, this controversy will sell magazines and the more magazines sold, the greater the possibility of people reading the interview... So here's the question, should Miley be applauded for this bold move or is she undermining her message and exploiting herself for the sake of attention? h/t: TMZ

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