Milk Debunked

I love the crap out of milk. It feels like an integral part of my day. In the morning with cereal, or at dinner as a pallet cleanser, I have in total about 5-10 glasses of milk a week. Well a video from Healthcare Triage sheds a little light on why that might not be such a good idea. When I first watched the video, I felt a little defensive of milk. I didn't like the way Dr. A. E. Carroll was giving a bad rep, I mean, who does this son of a bitch think he is. Milk is a saint! After simmering down a bit, I loosened up to the idea that what he was saying makes a lot of sense. Rather than slamming milk, he's pointing out that the idea that milk should be put on a pedestal is ridiculous. That it really doesn't do more good for you than any other high calorie beverage. It's not that we should necessarily be taking it out of our diet completely. More that we should be aware of how the milk industry spins the conversation to be that milk is an integral part of a growing persons life. When too much of it can actually have the opposite effect.

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