Mind Blowing Facts About the Clitoris

The majority of women don't talk a whole lot about their clitoris. It carries with it an air of mystery. There are lots of women walking around completely unaware of the complexities of this very wonderful organ. Did you know that that women get erections? When women get sexually aroused the clitoris becomes harder and larger, cool right? It is time to demystify the clitoris, check out these 6 facts you may not have known before.

Call it the female penis

Vincenzo Puppo, Ph.D, and author of Anatomy and Physiology of the Clitoris, says that the clitoris and the penis are closely related structures although one is much smaller (but that is only partially true as explained below). Unlike the penis, which has a few functions, the clitoris has one: sexual stimulation. An organ with a mission. Did you know that the penis was once a clitoris? That's right, we all start as female until hormones kick in and we starts developing in sex specific ways.

It comes in many sizes but that doesn't matter

The size of the clitoris can vary. It can be up to 3 centimeters in length (longer than one inch) and the circumference can range from range between .1 to .3 inches. The good news, no matter the size of the clitoris, it is capable of providing powerful orgasms. Puppo says, "A very tiny clitoris, so thin and low it can hardly be picked up by the fingers, may be associated with powerful orgasm from friction or pressure." Isn't that wonderful?

Age doesn't matter either

Honestly, the new just gets better and better. While men have to deal with erectile dysfunction and other age related troubles with their penis, age has no bearing on clitoral sexual responses. "Women have the physical capability of being orgasmic at any age,” Puppo says.

It's an orgasm machine

Because it is so tiny, the nerve endings in the clitoris are densely concentrated. It may even have up to twice as many nerve endings as the penis. This concentration of nerve endings makes the clitoris much more sensitive to stimulation which could be one of the reasons that women experience multiple orgasms.

It may be bigger than the penis

Although it looks small, those looks are rather deceiving. While there is some debate about this point, an Australian study in the Journal of Urology, claims that the clitoris extends 6 inches inside her body and into her pelvis. That's one impressive organ. Compared to the way the penis is discussed, the clitoris is still a pretty secretive organ. I know it looks like there isn't much going on there but my goodness do still waters run deep! I think it is time to declare the clitoris one of the most remarkable organs in all of human female physiology. Come on, back me up!  

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