Mind Games: Getting Healthy About the Way We Think About Food

Meal Prep Mondays fill social media every week with countless users' photos of their neatly organized containers consisting of their week's eating schedule. People peruse the store in hopes of finding a meal that might make their Instagram look a little more ... colourful. We count calories. We shun food groups. We think about those food groups we've shunned. We dream about our meals. We lose focus over leaving our well thought out lunch at home. We become inflexible. We become obsessed. What are we doing? And why are we doing it? Whether it's the busy-scheduled crowd whose insistent on keeping up with their diet, those avid cookers feeling fickle about not stepping outside of the box enough, or someone just looking to switch up their lifestyle a bit, there's an overwhelming amount of us who constantly think about food. We plan it in our minds, we plan it for the week, we plan it for a picture, and we plan how and when we are going to actually eat it. But all this planning takes the joy and spontaneity out of it. We think so much we forget how to taste. And sometimes, our obsessions over thinking about food become intrusive to our daily lives. "This is what I need to eat to lose weight." "This is how I will become more creative." We're obsessed. That's not to say it's not OK to think about food; to plan your meals out. It can be healthy to an extent. But constantly thinking about what you can eat, or what you have prohibited yourself from eating, is detrimental to your health; serving as the complete opposite of what you're trying to do. Letting your food thoughts consume you can lead to an unhealthy relationship with eating. So, write it down and talk it out. Whether you're choosing to journal or choosing to speak with a psychologist or nutritionalist, it's important not to keep in your thoughts. If you're feeling like they're consuming you and taking away from your life, then there may be a root of your problem that can surface through these mediums. And, if it is as simple as becoming obsessed with routine, perhaps suggestions can be made for ways to chill out and find your way back to a healthier connection to food. For an approach to food that will keep you healthy without locking you in to an anxiety causing, stifling, routine, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan! Do you think about food too much? And have you found ways to keep it to a minimum? Source: Shape  

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