Mind Over Matter

Having the overwhelming support from the community is just what it is overwhelming. The support has been fantastic and it hasn't changed my personality in the slightest. If it has changed me it has been for the better. It has made me more positive. As a personality BodyRock and now DailyHiit it has brought new opportunites. The process can be grueling at times as you never leave at 5pm and stop thinking about what you can do to make things better. There has been coffee talks at 2 am and video production well into the morning hours. Mind over matter.

I'm never going to change what I do in terms of my loyalty to this community. I'm not a person that jumps from one project to another just because. The end goal here is to build the best online fitness platform in the world. We are still trying to reach those goals.

Yes our content is provocative at times but that's how we like it. It's always been produced this way it's nothing new. If people want to pass judgement so be it. It's a reflection on them not me.



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