Miranda Kerr's Reebok Ad

Reebok recently featured Miranda Kerr in an ad for their “Skyscape” style shoes, quite effectively. This is an adorable ad. It’s short and sweet, gets the product’s point across, and makes use of Miranda Kerr’s rockin’ bod without objectifying her. My favourite part is at 00:24, when Kerr gives herself a little “Oh, Miranda, you silly thing” look. Adorbs. mirandkerrreebok3 The wonder from down under is a true fit bit – a fitness queen, who is all about the clean eating and exercising to achieve your fitness goals rather than trusting in good genetics or taking short cuts. Her intense workouts and active lifestyle make her a perfect choice for Reebok’s EasyTone Ambassador, a role she took on in 2012. It’s also nice that the Skyscape shoe itself is a fitting product for Kerr to advertise, a comfy yet stylish workout shoe is something I can imagine the international supermodel actually wearing. mirandaSkyscapeFinalUS_2.24.14[2] The shoe itself does look like heaven. It has a pillow-like sole, and is made from the comfiest of materials. Plus, it was manufactured with similar techniques used in making foam bras, which is just cool. I don’t think I’ve ever been excited about a shoe release before, but now I’m kind of stoked. I’m also definitely adding Miranda Kerr to my girl crush list, right up there with Kate Upton.  

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