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Miss Bumbum: The Truth Exposed

Miss bumbum, a model who came close to dying from a botched cosmetic procedure on her thighs, reveals her life as being a “luxury hooker”, making nearly £7,000.00 per hour. Andressa Urach claims that she has turned herself into one of the most expensive prostitutes in Brazil, and she would charge £7,000.00 per hour to millionaire clients from all around the world. One of the millionaires was a married man from Brazil’s national soccer team. After the model almost died in her hospital bed due to septic shock, it made her think what her values are and to reassess them. She finally decided to give up her self-obsessed life and focus on reality. When the model admitted to having an affair with Cristiano Ronaldo, she asked for forgiveness from the woman who was his girlfriend at the time. She also told about the first time that the player had made a threat to her regarding violence when their issue went public. During last year’s Brazil World Cup, the promiscuous model was banned from Portugal training camp as she had her topless body painted as a Portuguese team shirt, along with a crew that was filming. images When December’s tragedy struck with the model who is now a TV presenter, she was rushed to the hospital as she had a serious infection in her leg. The infection was due to hydrogel fillers that were injected into her thighs during her prior procedure. Her vital organs were shutting down and she was basically fighting for her last breath. She ended up spending an entire month in the intensive care unit. She claimed that she had died and came back to life, and met with her “maker” – this inspired her to become an evangelical Christian. She made a promise to never ruin her body with cosmetic surgery or use her body in a money-making way. miss-bummbum-cosmetic-surgery   Prior to her big hospital scare, she admitted she had a “thirst for money.” This caused an impulse on her to make money any way she could, even if it meant with her body. She quickly began to no longer have values, the way she was degrading her body. Andressa admitted she turned her body into a cheap piece of merchandise. She handed over the intimacy part of her life to thousands of men in only 27 years of her life. She experienced intimacy with many kinds of men, including maniacs, pedophiles, poor, rich, robbers, and even perverts. She even found satisfaction when it comes to receiving pain with sexual acts and being submissive. She would participate in orgies, just to get closer to those who were famous. She would travel all the way to Panama City just to have orgies in one of the mansions with one of the most richest businessman. She also traveled to Rio Branco and Manaus for sexual encounters with businessmen and prominent landowners. The model never knew any of the men beforehand. She just went and met them and made £2000-£3,500 each time. One of them even paid £7000 for just one hour. Andressa revealed that she was abused at three-years-old by a man who was considered her grandfather. She lost her virginity to someone she was related to at age 14. She started working as a prostitute in her hometown, Porto Alegre, when she was 21 years old. Her near death experience with her infection was not her only time she faced death. She had revealed she suffered from drug overdoses a couple times, as well as being in danger by a man she met in a hotel room who pinned her and another prostitute down. After she degraded her body for sex and making money, she has finally considered reality after her near death experience.
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