Miss Piggy - Snout Esteem

Blogger Mark Shyzer comments on the nostrils of Miss Piggy being photoshopped out for the most recent Muppets Most Wanted movie poster in this hilarious and satirical article. I love a good ol’ overturning of the “photoshop for idealized beauty” trope, plus I love the Muppets, so really this article is just amazing. He details her decades long successful modeling career, and how shocked he is that they felt the need to give Miss Piggy a digital rhinoplasty. MissPiggyInTheHay He is so very clever that I’m not even going to try paraphrasing his questions about why the airbrushing was done, here are his comments:
Do they think we’re too delicate to deal with the realities of porcine nasal cavities? Or is it more insidious than that? Is this a not-so-subtle attempt to downplay Miss Piggy’s horticultural heritage? Is there no longer room for a pig in the mainstream beauty ideal? What message does this send to young people about their own orifices? Miss Piggy is known to be a headstrong and snout-proud individual, so I like to think it’s her wranglers who are responsible for this. After all, this is a pig who once said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye”.
The writer also voices his concern for the effect of the media’s portrayal of Miss Piggy on young girls. Nostriled women can be beautiful too! Join the movement with these custom-made buttons: misspiggynostrilgate-buttons21 Although she’s still a role model of plus size women everywhere, she does look surprisingly young for her age, possibly going under the knife? As long as she doesn’t go whole hog with cosmetic surgery, I guess every star has the right to a few beauty secrets. miss-piggy-pretty-little-liars

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