Model, 32, shows off her abs FOUR WEEKS after giving birth

  • Erin, 32, gave birth to son Evander Maxwell a month ago
  • Showed off toned body on Instagram explaining how hard she's worked
  • Some user called her 'vain', 'insecure' and 'attention seeking'
She only gave birth to son Evander Maxwell a month ago but Australian model Erin McNaught has already bounced back to her envy-inducing pre-baby body - and she wants the world to know. Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the 32-year-old wife of British musician Elliot 'Example' Gleave revealed her incredibly slim and toned figure in a bikini photo. Looking into the mirror, the former Miss Universe Australia posed effortlessly in a bikini and let her abs speak for themselves. Erin McNaught Alongside the picture, she wrote: 'Kicking off her picture caption she wrote: ''4 weeks PP [post partum] and I'm starting to get my stomach back! 'Aside from lots of walking and eating healthily, I've been doing loads of pelvic floor and transverse abdominus exercises. Still no traditional ab work though which is driving me crazy! #bodyafterbaby' she captioned the photo.' While lots of her followers praised her 'healthy' and 'sexy' body, the picture didn't come without criticism. Some users questioned: 'how the hell is that possible?', while another wrote: 'normal figures can't go back to what she has'. One user commented: 'We have to stay relevant and in the media somehow I guess don't we? Goodness knows you don't do that just being a mother #nicelightingonthepic'. Another quipped: 'Oh not another celebrity trying to show how quickly they've lost the weight. Incredibly boring and vain.' Erin McNaught One user retaliated: 'My god women are so jealous and bitter! The reason why so many women put on so much weight during pregnancy is because they use pregnancy as an excuse to eat for two and eat whatever the hell they want and put it down to cravings. 'I followed a healthy diet during my pregnancy, only exercise I did was walking and after birth I had 7kg to lose which I lost within 4 weeks. And that was just down to sensible eating and breastfeeding, no exercise because I was in too much pain. Good on her for looking after her health and her babys during her pregnancy! Well done Erin!'. Clearly Erin hasn't wasted any time getting back into her active lifestyle since giving birth, and even went rock climbing last week. Erin championed staying in shape while she was pregnant revealing 'I'm doing a little bit of yoga but mostly more high-intensity stuff. Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.18.29 AM She went on to say: 'I'd say just eating really healthily and exercising, I can't emphasise that enough, how good exercise is through pregnancy. A lot of people are scared of it but you shouldn't be.' She isn't the first celebrity to showcase her post baby body on Instagram - or come under fire for it. Last year, famed tennis player Mark Philippoussis' wife Silvana showcased her trim figure just two weeks after giving birth. Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.20.22 AM She captioned the snap: 'Finally found the courage to post this...Me. 2 wks after giving birth! Ladies, I know every body's different but trust me when I say:- Don't forget to suck in your postpartum tummy's! 'It's the fastest most natural way to get your tummy back into shape:) I gave myself a few days to recover after birth then started sucking in a little everyday to get my stomach muscles working again- every little bit counts! #iamoldfashioned #forgetthewaistband #youcandoit #justdoit'. H/T:  

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