Model Bathes in Pig's Blood in an Attempt to Stay Youthful

Chanel, a 19 year old model from California, has decided to bathe in pig's blood. She justifies the practice by saying that "thousands of years ago people did this and it worked." pig3 Chanel, who is a vegetarian, said, "My greatest fear is getting old and developing wrinkles and extra loose skin, so to prevent that from happening I must do whatever it takes." Despite still being very young, Chanel insists that she is showing signs of aging that she believes will soon end her career. Her family, skeptical of the pig's blood baths, wants proof but Chanel has been unable to offer anything. She also opts for other beauty fixes like a daily shot of garlic powder, balsamic vinaigrette, sage, and olive oil. She claims this helps 'preserve your body.' She has a skin care regimen that involves washing her face 8-10 times a day. Chanel also claims to have eaten placenta, gone on fasts and put her body through a number of detoxes. After picking up the blood from the butcher shop, Chanel stands in the tub in only her underwear and begins to pour it over her body. All of this, by the way, being filmed for MTV's True Life.  pig2 Although she believes the process to have worked, she doesn't feel the need to do it again. Apparently the feedback she received from filming the show was more than enough to buoy her spirits. There are no proven benefits to this practice but the concept may have pretty old origins. Elisabeth Bathory, a Hungarian Countess, is alleged to have murdered hundreds of young virgin women around the turn of the 16th century, bathing in their blood to stay youthful. If you fast forward to 2013, you've got Kim Kardashian getting a 'vampire facial' which involves drawing a person's own blood, separating the platelets and then injecting it back into the patient's face. Did anyone have visions of Sissy Spacek while reading this because I sure had them while writing it. I know when I was 19, the last thing I worried about was looking old. Was this a real attempt to stave off aging or was it an attempt to get on television and create a name for oneself? The latter part worked at least, she got on TV and we are talking about her. What are your thoughts on aging? What would you do (if anything) to fight it? How far is too far?

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