Model Blasts Company’s Photoshop Use

Australian Model Meaghan Kausman posted untouched pictures of herself on her Instagram account from a shoot for Fella Swim that she did, in response to seeing the severely altered photos. She wanted people to know what she actually looked like, saying in her caption “my body is a size 8, not a size 4. That’s my body!” Maybe her father’s strong stance has rubbed off on her – she’s the daughter of Rick Kausman, a big campaigner against dieting and body-shaming culture, who whole-heartedly supported his daughter’s actions, posting on Facebook: “taking someone’s photograph and altering without permission, then publishing it,” is a serious issue. There’s no doubt that the media is guilty of misrepresenting women’s appearances, but unfortunately, if she signed a release then the company has the right to manipulate her image to their heart’s content. Her outrage is surprising considering her profession, but I think that if more people from within the industry continue to talk about this issue, then it may actually change. Also, and this is probably an unimportant note, but I’m amazed by the quality of the photo, it is a really gorgeously shot image. I personally feel that the photoshopping of her body has little effect on the overall image – I think the untouched one is just as gorgeous as the airbrushed. Composition and lighting alone, it's freaking gorgeous. modelblastsphotoshop

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