Model Finds Out She Has Two Vaginas And Two Periods Every Month

Cassandra Bankson became popular as the woman who perfected covering acne with makeup but now thanks to a shocking medical discovery, she's at the heart of discussions about female reproductive health. In July 2014, the model and YouTube star explained that she has two vaginas, two cervixes and two uteri — a condition called uterus didelphys. Bankson spent years dealing with heavy period bleeding and back pain before find out she was having two periods every month. Although this condition is quite rare, Bankson was totally unaware due to the fact that she has only one vulva -- everything looked normal. In an interview, Bankson told Barcroft TV the medical revelation impacts menstruation and her sex life. She said,
For some people having two vaginas can make it very painful — for others I assume there are more nerve endings so it could be more pleasurable. I’m definitely nervous about having to explain this to future partners… I have no real idea how this is going to affect my life so it’s something we would have to talk about.
The icing on the cake? An MRI has shown that Bankson has only one kidney! Sounds to me like Bankson is having an insane year! In April, Bankson posted another video giving further explanation of what her life has been like:  

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