Model Martha Hunt Wants To Encourage Body Positivity Among Fans

The 26-year-old stunner wants to set a positive example for her fans by not stressing over staying super thin. Martha revealed to Hamptons Magazine that she doesn't want the young women who look up to her to feel bad about their figures. She wants to help promote positivity, healthy eating habits and the importance of exercise. "You don’t want to be too thin; you want to be fit and a good example of a feminine woman’s body." the blonde bombshell explains. "I work out, train really hard, and eat healthy food." Despite the Victoria Secret model's stellar confidence and amazing career, she admits she was very insecure as a teenager. Her height and long legs made her awkward and lanky growing up. "I was so long and awkward and skinny, and I hadn’t really grown into my features yet," she explains. "People were like, "You can be a model; you look really different," so I just got so used to hearing it." When Martha isn't traveling the world for bikini photoshoots, she loves hanging out with close friends Lily Aldridge and Taylor Swift who share her views on positive self image. She loves yoga and Pilates as her go-to workouts. She focuses very heavily on eating clean and healthy, as well as loving what she eats. Do you think Martha is a great role model to her fans? What are your thoughts on encouraging body positivity? Source: Daily Mail  

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