Model Shows Off Her Cellulite in an Inspiring New Video

Denise Bidot isn't apologizing for anything on the beach this summer. And she's teamed up with swimsuitsforall as a spokesperson for their "Beach Body. Not Sorry" campaign to bring that message to curvy women during what is traditionally a stressful season. The plus-size model says she no longer allows her size or what she previously focused on as imperfections rob her of the joy of enjoying where she is right now. She doesn't just accept her body, she loves her body. "Every bit of it ... the cellulite, the stretch marks, everything that I thought at one point was an imperfection, I now realize is everything that makes me unique...curvy women shouldn't apologize for anything. They should wear a swimsuit that makes them feel comfortable. It's all about the confidence." A previous BodyrockTV post spotlighted a study on how women who feel less than perfect are too shy to pursue sports and work out in public.  They skip workouts and derail their fitness plans. All the body positive role models we're seeing lately are doing more than making women feel good today. They're getting women who might be hiding in cycles of self-loathing out and moving and feeling great about themselves right now. And that is the best way to grow healthy habits of self-worth and fitness tomorrow, whatever size tomorrow might be.   Are you looking to add to your fitness routine? Here's a FREE workout video!

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