Model Snaps Lingerie Selfie 4 Days After Giving Birth

Lingerie model Sarah Stage caused major internet drama with her sexy pregnancy selfies. While many expressed awe and a sense of inspiration at her super fit pregnant body, others were concerned that her tiny figure could harm her baby. Well, being so tiny did not harm her baby. James Hunter was born at a healthy eight pounds and seven ounces on April 14. Only 4 days after giving birth, Stage dawned a bra and bikini briefs for her latest midriff sharing Instagram contribution. saragstage   27C8617600000578-3047247-image-m-4_1429541127074 What an incredible story. Stage is living proof that women don't have to lose their shape to pregnancy. It is possible to be fit as hell and still have a healthy baby! She also shared this adorable snap with her precious baby: sarahstage   So sweet. Stage plans to start her workouts again in 5 weeks. My guess is that she will document her journey back to her pre-pregnancy body. If you'd like to follow along for inspiration, check her out on Instagram: Were you a lover or a hater? Are surprised she had an 8 pound baby? h/t: DailyMail Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat snapcode  

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