Modern Wheat

We have clearly seen a rise in gluten allergies and intolerances in the past few years, and generally keep in the back of our head that wheat and gluten are things we should be keeping out of our diet. You might know that wheat is a type of GMO (genetically modified organism), and that’s not a thing you want to put in your body. Past that, I didn’t really think about the gluten and wheat issue, but this article brings up some interesting science behind the gluten problem. modernwheat-field1 In the 60s, big agriculture started crossbreeding wheat types to develop a higher yielding crop. The crossbreeding process was so intense and so successful that the wheat we have today is entirely different from the wheat of old; it basically isn’t really wheat. The mutation and gene-splicing made changes to the amino acids in wheat’s glutenproteins, which have terrible side effects on the human body. It also has given modern wheat an appetite stimulating effect, so now you just want to eat more of the stuff destroying your intestines. Awesome. Studies also suggest that it creates a hormone imbalance which could lead to obesity and diabetes. Reeeeally not feeling the gluten love right now. modernwheat ryan Based on this information, it’s really not surprising that I have a lot of celiac friends, since there’s been a 400% increase in celiac disease in the past 40 years to be exact. Dr. William Davis, a preventative cardiologist states: “It is not my contention that it is in everyone’s best interest to cut back on wheat; it is my belief that complete elimination is in everyone’s best health interests. In my view, that’s how bad this thing called ‘wheat’ has become.”      

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