Mom of 3 Reveals Honest Post-Baby Body Selfie, Stretch Marks and All

At 29, Sophia Cooper has had 3 children. She is an avid gym-goer and has worked hard to tone her body after the birth of baby number 3.

The honest selfie she posted to her Instagram gained attention for revealing what most women can relate to. Despite Sophia's commitment to fitness (she even runs a post-natal fitness company), stretch marks, excess skin and a hint of muffin top are just what comes with having kids.

Sophia wanted to show her skin in hopes of deflating this Hollywood image of what moms "should look like" after giving birth. The snap was taken just 6 weeks after Sophia gave birth to her adorable daughter, Florence.

The new mom maintained a hard-hitting workout routine throughout her pregnancy, along with eating healthy and curbing her cravings. Sophia wants women to know that being healthy and exercising during pregnancy is to benefit the health of both mother and baby, and not to show the cameras days after labour that you are looking super fit and toned. A month and a half later, Sophia is still shedding baby weight and trying to squeeze back into her pre-pregnancy shoe size.

The fit mama has two older boys, Maxwell and Finlay. It was during her pregnancy with Maxwell that she was inspired to start a post-natal fitness centre.

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