The Moment a Black Woman Protected a White Man at a KKK Rally

There are times we all need a "restore your faith in humanity" article-just a little something that gives us hope that there are people out there who do the right thing and who do it without a second thought.  So often all there seems to be is endless stories about Kim K and Justin Bieber and the newest blockbuster.

In the mid-90s Mark Brunner caught the above scene and it was iconically printed in black and white.  Its the story of Keisha Thomas who was taking part in a protest against the KKK, which was holding a rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Over the loudspeaker someone at the protest announced that there was an actual klansmember in the crowd.  Off in the crowd stood a man in a confederate flag t-shirt with an SS tattoo.  He was cruelly set upon by the crowd who began beating him with their signs and whatever objects they could find.  Mark's photo was taken at the moment that Keisha flung herself over the man, to protect him from the attack, even though others were trying to hold her back.

The man, while not a klansman, was indeed present for the KKK rally.  But little did it matter to Keisha who was quoted as saying that the man was wrong for his actions but the crowd was also wrong for their violence against him.  She said that as many time as people had hurt and humiliated her-she wished someone would have demonstrated the same courage and kindness.

These sort of selfless acts take place everyday...but we don't see them.  They are hardly newsworthy because we are too concerned about our celebrities and our tv shows.  What if we all approached life in the same selfless manner as Keisha...what if we all asked ourselves 'what can I give back' instead of 'what do I deserve?'

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