Monday = Healthy Day

Monday may be the most hated day of the week, but it's also the healthiest day! The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published the results of a study which analyzed Google Searches for health-related topics. The researchers studied search patterns dating as far back as 2005, looking for the day when more people searched for health-related news and content. The results: 30% more searches took place at the beginning of the week (the dreaded Monday) than at the end of the week (party Friday!). Why is this? Joanna Cohen, Ph.D., co-author of the study believes that it has something to do with the way people perceive Mondays. According to her, people see Mondays like a "mini New Year's Day",  which means they see it as the day to "get back to their diet habits"--which were doubtless broken during their weekend. Monday is like a "health reset" day to get your diet and workout back on track after a long weekend of indulgence, so it's not really the worst day of the week after all!   Resources:

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