Your Monday to Sunday Guide to Getting Fit and Staying Motivated

A loss of motivation can be deadly to a workout plan, and throw off your entire routine. But how do you avoid that midweek slump, or that "oh, I'll try again next week" attitude? Here is your ultimate guide to pushing through, whether you're following one of our workouts or your own! Monday "Diet starts Monday!" is a classic line we tell ourselves over and over. Take advantage of this magically motivating day by hitting your workout extra hard! Wake up early, fill up on a great breakfast that packs some hefty nutritional punch and get out there. Make your meal and workout plan for the rest of the week and map out how you're going to dodge donuts at the office or what to eat at your BFF's birthday bash. Tuesday Try some new recipes! Have something to look forward to by challenging yourself to make a healthy mango oat smoothie or a whole veggie-centric dinner. Use Pinterest as a tool to save all your fun recipe ideas and don't be afraid to mess up! Wednesday Feeling a bit burned out on hump day? Try heading to the grocery store to restock on healthy items, and discover some new ingredients to get excited about. Check out classes available at your local gym and choose Wednesday as your night for Zumba or spinning! Thursday Did you know that Thursday is the day when people are most likely to bail on their fitness routine and skip the gym? Take advantage of this and hit the (empty) gym! Friday Most people splurge on the weekends and take a "fit break". Plan some activities to look forward to, but don't centre your social experiences around meals. Hit the beach, go window shopping with your girlfriends (to find that dress you can fit into at your goal weight) or rent bikes and take a tour around the town. Saturday Allow yourself a little indulgence today. Take one meal out of the day that will satisfy your caloric cravings (like French toast at brunch, or maybe a burger for lunch). One treat a week is something to look forward to, and reward yourself with. Sunday Get out there! Spend the day outdoors doing some low intensity activity like shooting hoops, taking a long nature walk or doing Tai Chi in the park. Train your body to crave these exercises. Share with us your strategies for sticking to your workout and diet every day of the week! Our Fat Burn Challenge - 17 day Teaser can definitely get you into shape and have you feeling great.

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