Money: What if It Wasn’t an Object?

We live in a world where we feel that the only way we can be happy is with money. Not everyone feels this way, but the majority of people do. We spend a vast majority of our time going to college to get the highest paying job, but there is something we are missing … happiness! Are you truly happy at your job? Become a Master in What You Love It shouldn’t just be about a paycheck. Yes, we all need money to survive but you should enjoy what you do. What do you really enjoy doing? Do you like art, helping people, writing, etc.? Why not get creative and make a career out of it. You can literally become a master in what you love to do. Be Rich With Happiness Trying to get rich with money is overrated, right? Why not try being rich with happiness. That is where true happiness will come from. So, what if you are taking a pay cut doing something you truly love. As long as the job puts food on the table and supports you and your family, that is the best way to go. Yes, some people may completely disagree and think you should go for the high paying job. However, if you are constantly stressed from your high-paying job that you despise, you come home in a bad mood all the time, what will that do to your family? Imagine working at your dream job with a little less pay but always in a cheerful mood. That alone is priceless. ID-10012138 What Example Do You Want to Set? Think for a moment. What kind of example do you want to set for your children? We all want our children to be successful, yes. However, do we want them to feel like they have to go through life with a high-paying job that they don’t even like? They may dread going into work each morning. That is no way to live. We should be teaching them that they should reach for their dreams. If their dream is art, they can still receive a decent salary. If it’s something they love, they will go far. Set a good example for them to live a successful, but happy life. Maybe it’s society, maybe it’s just what we learn from others about money being everything. If money is everything, how will we truly be happy with our family and ourselves? If we are constantly worried about money, how will we have time to truly enjoy the smallest things in life? Check out this awesome video: What would you like to do if money were no object? h/t: Airows Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_100401" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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