Monkey Bars: Getting Creative With Your Workouts

Going to the gym day after day, using the same machines, running the same track or lifting the same weights can get a little boring. To spice up your workout and have a little fun hit up your local playground, you'll be surprised how many exercises you can complete using only a jungle gym and playground. Warmup: 2km run Part I: Soccer field sprints - 1 sprint across field - 20 jump squats - 1 sprint across field - 5 burpees Complete 5 xs  Part II:  Backwards hills - Run up hill backwards (this really works your hamstrings) - 15 jump lunges Complete 5xs Part III: Inverted push ups and step ups - Use a set of low monkey bars as a replacement for a dip station - 20 inverted push ups Note: The monkey bars I used were a bit too high to get the full range of motion a dip station can give but they still did the trick! 1063272_10151535044177309_718002525_n    1058973_10151535044172309_514651307_n - 20 step ups (10 each leg) - Use a staircase or any flat and elevated surface 992255_10151535042087309_1990342479_n1060769_10151535042072309_1855404693_n1063424_10151535042062309_339883202_n Part IV: Box jumps - 50 box jumps - The playground I was at had these great stairs that were wide enough to safely jump up and down from, you can also use the base of wide slide or stairs 1058598_10151535042052309_413660290_n1060788_10151535042042309_744187343_n Cooldown: 1.5km run Working out in a playground is both challenging and a fun way to mix things up in your daily routine. So give it a try and see what workouts you can come up with the equipment you have available.      

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