A Month Without Makeup

Today, marked the end of my personal experiment. For a month I decided to go completely natural, and not wear any makeup what so ever. I didn't necessarily have a clear theory or goal in mind when starting out on this venture, it was more of a personal challenge. However, after the 30 days I've definitely noticed a difference in how I view myself and others when not wearing makeup. a month without makeup Typically, I am not someone who wears makeup every day and when I do it is very minimal (concealer under the eyes and a coat of mascara). However, I am definitely a huge fan of it and find it fun to experiment with different looks and products. Needless to say, starting this challenge wasn't very difficult. It wasn't as if I had NEVER gone on campus without makeup before. But I still felt the need to complete this challenge for myself, as a reminder that I don't NEED makeup to have confidence and I don't need to have my confidence validated by how I look. The first couple of days were fine. I was incredibly busy and was actually enjoying not wearing makeup because it gave me more time in the mornings. As days progressed, I began to get used to how I looked without makeup, to the point where I was pretty much 100% comfortable not wearing it. Unfortunately, as all of us have experienced, self-confidence can take its dips. This occurred at about the 2nd-3rd week in. I would walk around campus and notice how good the girls looked - mind you I do go to a school with incredibly attractive people - and I would think to myself, Oh my god...I look like complete garbage next to these total babes with their perfectly applied eyeliner and flawless complexions. Despite feeling incredibly self-conscious for about three days I forced myself to finish my challenge. However, locking my makeup in my gym locker on campus helped a lot. lipstick Finally, reaching my last couple days my self-confidence was back with its typical "I don't give a crap" attitude. My self worth is not based on what I look like. It is not based on how smooth and poreless my skin looks and it certainly isn't based on looking attractive to other people. And no ones self worth should be. Through this experience I've come to admire those girls that can rock the all natural face every day without batting an eye - i.e. those girls that don't need to do a 30 day makeup free challenge. It takes guts to step onto a university campus filled with an obsession of self-image and superficiality wearing nothing but themselves. And for the girls that can't go a day without their MAC foundation and eyeliner, well... I get it. But I hope one day you too can feel beautiful and confident in the way you look without all that extra crap. So to all the beautiful girls walking around campus: never compromise your self worth for the approval of others, you are far more beautiful than your looks alone. Do you agree?  

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