Apparently More Ladies Prefer Overweight Men (WHAT?)

A website called had asked 2,544 British women what shape of men they prefer when it comes to sex. Each of the respondents revealed that they have slept with men of all sizes and shapes. Although, the bigger guys were in the lead. After the respondents answered, this graph was put together: Plus Size/Overweight men – 38% Muscular/Athletic men – 21% Tall men (taller than 6 ft.) – 13% Short Men (shorter than 6 ft.) – 10% Petite/Slim men – 9% [bctt tweet="Apparently More Ladies Prefer Overweight Men (WHAT?)"] Women who chose plus size/overweight men were asked why they would rather choose this group of men. The following are the top reasons they chose: They are always wanting to please me, rather than themselves – 42% They seem to be more gentle and caring towards me – 42% They tend to make me feel less worried about my own body’s weight – 27% My orgasms were better – 19% They were willing and adventurous to try new things – 14%   Given the results of these surveys, we're still pretty skeptical about this... What are your thoughts? We want to hear from you!   Source: Cosmopolitan  

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