Morning Or Night Workouts: Which One is Better For Your Body?

There are people who live for their early morning workouts - up at the crack of stupid sweatin' it out before the rest of of the world has even crawled out of bed. Then there are the night hawks - after dinner or after work is the prime time for a sweat swesh. So which is more beneficial for you body? The answer: there is no right answer. Research supports both morning and evening workouts so your best bet is to pick a workout that aligns with your long-term fitness goals and preferably, something that you'll stick with.

The pro's of morning workouts:

You get it out of the way.

What better way to start your day than with one of the most physically demanding parts of it ? Not to mention you'll have a boost of energy for the rest of the day.

It’s better for weight loss.

Morning workouts are known to kickstart your metabolism early, so you burn more calories during the day. You're also more likely to burn fat stores instead of carbohydrates from food. Not to mention, a 2012 study found that after a 45-minute morning workout, women were more likely to eat less for breakfast, make healthier food choices and be more physically active throughout the remainder of the day.

Your body is prepared.

Sleep is the time for your body recover. That means it repairs used muscles and converts your food into energy (glucose) for the day to come. This means, that so long as you've slept enough, when you wake up, your body is fresh and prepared for a workout. (This also means it’ll take more than a few stretches to warm up your body in the morning.)

You’ll have a more restful sleep.

Many sleep experts suggest a morning workout to really allow yourself to rest at night. This is because exposure to daylight early on in the day will tell your body to shut off at night. Another perk? Researchers at Appalachian State University found morning exercise lowers your blood pressure — correlated with better sleep — and triggers up to a 25 percent reduction at night.

Early birds are more consistent.

The Huffington Post shared that American Council on Exercise reported those who work out in the morning are more consistent and even exercise more often than people who work out at other times of the day. We all know consistency is key! iDrRGMw1XqYJWSAT0iFMd9yQuPnv0Tg06yv_nx1ywqE

The pro's of evening/late afternoon workouts:

You’ll have a more relaxed morning.

You get to sleep in and not worry about rushing around to pack a gym bag. You’ll also be able to take your time in the shower - which, in our opinion is like the best part about mornings.

You’re already fueled and warmed up.

While your body may be just refueled in the morning, your body may actually be better prepared for a workout later in the day. People naturally have more energy between 2-6pm and you'r 20% more flexible later on in the day since your muscles are all warmed up. All of that aside, you’re already fuelled up since you likely ate multiple things throughout the day which is the perfect energy you need for a vigorous workout after work.

It’s a good outlet to blow off steam.

Had a rough day? Take it out at the gym. It's way better for you than emotional eating or drinking an entire bottle of wine.

You’ll have a more intense workout.

A study done by Clinical Research Center of the University of Chicago said post-work gymgoers are more likely to receive a higher degree of fitness because they tend to work out harder. Why? Something called protein synthesis peaks in the evening, making it the optimal time for weight lifting. Also, your lungs are at peak efficiency during the evening hours - so if you're looking to up your endurance, this is the best time.

It can also help with sleep quality.

Morning workouts aren't the only thing that help with sleep. A study found that people who lifted weights in the evening had longer, better quality sleep than those who lifted weights in the morning. For workouts you can do any time of day, head over to SweatFlix℠. With over 80 hours of on demand workouts, you'll always be able to find something to suit your needs. From 21 day bootcamps to shorter 7 day challenges, from beginner to advanced, SweatFlix℠ has you covered! Time to join the revolution! Start your free trial today! H/T: Elite Daily

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