Mother And Daughter Spend $86,000 On 'Matching' Plastic Surgery

People have always told me that I look like my mother. For this mother/daughter duo, they take 'looking alike' to new heights. Or new lows... mother daughter katie price British mother, 38-year-old Georgina Clarke, and her daughter, 20-year-old Kayla Morris, went under the knife to look more like model Katie Price. The two blondes spent a reported $86,000 on their matching model surgeries. plastic surgery nightmares This was not the first time Kayla had considered surgery. She had dreamed of getting a breast enhancement procedure done when she was just 11 years old. A request her mother was more than pleased to hear. "I was pleased Kayla wanted surgery and wanted a boob job." comments Georgina. "I was glad because I wanted her to be like that kind of person." blonde living barbies Kayla got her wish after she began stripping at a local night-club while she was still in high school. She became romantically involved with an older man she calls her "sugar daddy", and he funded the duo's surgeries. "We look how we want to look and we're having like a good time." Kayla says happily. "We are a bit closer to looking like Katie Price but not as close as we would like." kayla morris This could mean more procedures on the way for these two women. Hopefully Kayla's sugar daddy is prepared to provide the cash. karla morris katie price What are your thoughts? Would you ever pay to look more like a celebrity? Source: People   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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