Mother Daughter Yoga

Another adorable mother daughter duo that I need to start following on Instagram, Laura Kazperzak, Instagram account name: laurasykora, takes the most adorable photos of doing yoga with her kids. motherdaughteryoga11 Her son is a little camera shy, so the majority of the pictures are with her daughter, who happens to have matching yoga outfits – omg, she has her own mini-me, how amazing is that? motherdaughteryoga13   motherdaughteryoga6 Couples yoga classes are pretty popular and I know there are “baby and me” yoga classes, or “little pretzels” classes for young yogis, so it’s just nice to see so many happy colourful photos of this trend. Plus it’s a great way to exercise with your kids, turning “me time” into “we time” as well as get your kids invested in yoga and physical activity in general at a young age. motherdaughteryoga2 I’m sorry, there’s just going to be a whole bunch of pictures now – I feel you need to experience the adorableness/awesomeness of this mother daughter duo. motherdaughteryogaLaura-Sykora-Yoga-with-Mom-and-Daughter-9-600x600 [caption id="attachment_44083" align="alignnone" width="600"]So happy! So happy![/caption] motherdaughteryoga10 [caption id="attachment_44079" align="alignnone" width="600"]How did she get up there? How did she get up there?[/caption] motherdaughteryoga3  

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