This Move Shreds Your Core And Can Be Done Literally Anywhere

Got 3 minutes, a tiny space and absolutely no workout equipment? Perfect! Because that's all you need for this ab-sculpting super move. It was often thought that a tight, toned tummy was the result of tireless hard work at the gym. But it can really be as easy as running in place. This power move is a no-brainer, but can really carve your core for fitness-model-worthy abs. Before beginning, do a few seconds of warm-ups. Build up a bouncy light jog and give yourself a few bear hugs to prep your upper body. The trick to running in place is to move as quickly as you can. The faster you go, the more intense the burn. Land softly on your toes and pump your arms up to waist height. Attempt to keep your elbows bent and your shoulders relaxed. Doing this fast and simple routine everyday for just 3 minutes can help you shed pounds, tone and tighten. It even provides you cardiovascular benefits by reducing your risk of heart disease and aiding in improving your circulation. And the best part is there is no excuse for you not to do it! You can do it in the kitchen while you wait for your lunch to heat up, bust it out first thing when you wake up or while you're watching Netflix. Try it and let us know your results! Source: Women's Health  

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