Moving On Workout...time to accomplish success!

Hey BodyRockers, here is a new workout created just for you. Targeting the lower body, this workout will have you sweating and panting for your breath. This hiit workout is tough and lasts 7 minutes. Please try and complete three rounds and if you can do more go ahead and do it. Every workout I post will have a playlist posted with it so that you can play it in the background to pump you up and make you work harder. Most playlists will consist of electronic dance music because I believe the faster the music the harder you will push yourself.   Today’s workout is untitled “Moving On,” because it’s officially time for all of us to move on to success and not be afraid for what we can accomplish if we put our mind to something.   Moving On Workout High Knees 1 minute 10 second rest Jumping Jacks 1 minute 10 second rest Lunges (alternating legs) 1 minute 10 second rest Jump Rope (side to side) 1 minute 10 second rest Burpees 1 minute 10 second rest Jump Squats (wide squat) 1 minute Repeat 3 times or more if you dare! Moving On Playlist Galactic by Marc Benjamin Shogun by Holl &Rush Trap Queen by Fetty Wap feat. Quavo & Gucci Mane Blowfish by Quintino Flashlight by R3hab Freaks Timmy Trumpet This playlist is long enough to play for 3 rounds of the “Moving On” workout. Even though this workout is mainly a lower body workout, you end up using your abs and even upper body during burpees. After I completed this workout my legs were dead, I literally had to put my legs up. This workout also works your booty with the jump squats, feel free to use this workout as a go to when you need a great leg workout. Let me know what think about this workout and the playlist in the comments below! For more workouts, including a complete series dedicated to help you heal your broken heart, check out SweatFlix℠!

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