Muscle Mayhem Workout

THIS WORKOUT IS FUN!!   I always put these workouts together with you in mind.  I want you to work harder than you ever have before and have fun doing it!  But I can only meet you so far.  You have to want a healthier, sexier body more than you want to sit on the couch and eat bad.  It's never too late.  Even if you have eaten poorly this morning, the day is not shot.  Eat healthier meals for the rest of the day, put your tennis shoes on, and do my workout!  I have had PLENTY of days where I wake up in the morning determined to have a healthy day, then end up eating french toast, donuts, and bacon for breakfast.  Then I think I'll just be bad the rest of the day just because I ruined breakfast.  I quickly turn that mindset around and make smart choices throughout the day and get a workout in.  Also, I believe in a cheat meal, not a cheat day.  There's nothing wrong with indulging as long as it becomes a reward for all of your hard work!  Now on to this workout!

It is a HIIT workout that is about 20 minutes long with 9 different exercises that you will repeat 3 times.  Be ready to sweat!  **TIP** Watch this workout tutorial and try each exercise before you begin.  Let me know how you did!!!

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