Muscle Shirt Ban in Fitness Centre

In Duisburg (Germany), a Fitness Centre quit their contract with a member. Why? A man named Peter wore a Muscle Shirt to workout. They decided to ban this kind of Fitness attire from their centre for "hygienic and aesthetic" purposes.This appearance is unwelcome“ concluded by club conference. muscle shirt ban in fitness centre Peter decided to ignore this regulation - after all, he had been a member for over 10 years at this centre. He was warned verbal and by letter, before the centre cancelled his membership. Now Peter accuses them of being unfair. This isn't the first controversial story around apparel in fitness centres. Does it really matter what you wear while working out? Personally, I'm more upset about members who using gym equipment without a towel. Shouldn't a place for sports be a place to feel free? If you exercise right, you are thankful for any item of clothing you don't have to wear (am I wrong?). What do you think about Muscle Shirts during workouts? By the way, this rule only applies to men. Women are allowed to train in top and shorts... Do you follow us on Instagram?
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