My Body Rocks Workout, Beginner Tutorial & Abs Bonus

Hi Bodyrockers, It's Lisa-Marie's first workout back & she has kicked off the week with an Intense Cardio Session that in just 12 intense minutes will sizzle fat and ignite your metabolism and post workout afterburners. Everyday just 720 seconds of BodyRocking will change you from the inside out. It's worked for tens of thousands of people the world over - and it will work for you. Your living room is your gym & everything you need is inside you. For you new BodyRockers, we have included an in-depth 6 minute tutorial video that goes over every exercise and offers modifications and variations that make the exercises in today's workout easier. If you want to make sure that you never miss another workout - subscribe to BodyRock.Tv by liking our Facebook page here. We post loads of diet tips, get into interesting debates, and showcase your before & after photos. This community is about you, and there are just under 300,000 BodyRockers on Facebook and growing :) I'm proud to be one of them! Best, Freddy P.S. Our first major casting event in taking place this Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Toronto. If you think you have what it takes to be a BodyRock.Tv host we want to meet you. It will be the first mass BodyRock session with workouts galore!!! Details on our Facebook page here!!! BodyRock Workout Video: [wobreakdown] Set your interval timer to 12 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest – You will complete the following 4 exercises 3 times through. 1) Prisoner Squat Jump & Elbow to Knee Touch 2) 10 Mountain Climbers, Clean & Press & Squat & Press - Using the Pink Sandbag 3) Squat & Front Raise - Using The BodyRock Equalizer 4) Under Touch Toe + 2 Elbow 1/2 burpee Jumps Abs Bonus Video: Set your interval timer to 4 rounds of 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest – complete the following exercises 1) Bike Abs (L&R Alternate) & Touch & Lower 2) Punch Abs 3) Side leg lift & Forward leg touch - Left Side 4) Side leg lift & Forward leg touch - Right Side Beginner Tutorial Video: Coffee Talk & Thank You Video: To celebrate our upcoming 4th anniversary we have decided to give away a bunch of  prizes on our Facebook pages. We are giving away a brand new iPad 3 so that you can BodyRock with us from anywhere.  Every single day a BodyRocker will win an Interval Timer and the cool prizes will continue all summer long so make sure you like our Facebook pages now to have the most shots at winning :) The main Facebook page is here. Lisa-Marie's page is here and Sean’s Page is here. Last but not least I will be giving away an Ugi Fitness Ball on my page here :)

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