My Favorite Breakfast Porridge

Ohhh I hate breakfast in the week. It´s too early to decide, cut, cook. But this is my favorite breakfast. I prepare enough for 5 days and fridge. So I don´t have any stress in the morning, I only have to grab it out of the fridge and eat. If you grab the last bowl you know weekend is near ;-) It´s vegan, lactose-free and fills my tummy for a long time. 320 ml coconut milk 300 ml water 6 teaspoons oat bran 2 teaspoons cinnamon 5 teaspoons fresh berries Pour the water the and coconut milk in a pot. Heat it while boils, give into the oat bran. Cook everything and stir until it is thick enough. Spice with the cinnamon. Place it in 5 bowls and put on every bowl 1 tablespoon of berries. Let it cool down, close with a saucer and place in the fridge. I don´t need any sweetener for this. It smells like cooled cream of wheat for me.

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