My Personal Rules #1

I have placed many rules for myself over the last ten years. Rules are honestly the only way that I can get things D.O.N.E. A lot of people think that placing rules on ourselves is a recipe for disaster and only leads to breaking those rules. Yet, what if my kind of rules look different than the All-To-large, All-Too-General, All-Too-Encompassing Rules? You see the small rules that I place on myself are do-able because I don't make them unless I know it won't make me go insane. And the truth be told...I really don't believe you can make your fitness goals without a few rules. I'll give you my best rules in different posts that have truly given me the ability to stay fit and remain fit with a balance to life! I mean come on...let's enjoy life a little and do the best we can to break our society's obsession over perfection! Rules are here to allow you to enjoy life. Don't believe me? How is that possible? For me, once I make a rule I don't have to worry about it anymore. If I am wishy-washy about anything, then I won't do it. Plain and Simple. So here we go... My first rule... Dinner is always my smallest meal of the day. I eat breakfast like I'm at a buffet, lunch calms down a bit, and then by the time I get to dinner, my body is trying to tell me that I don't need anymore energy because we are about to sleep. Do people disagree with this? Absolutely. Some will tell you to eat right up until bed and sometimes I think that's true if you are trying to win a body building competition. But that's why I say...These are my rules that have kept me healthy for a very long time. So there is the first rule. Another will come soon. Make breakfast the largest meal and dinner the smallest of your day. In Hawaii, I now realize this has become even simpler to follow. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA By the time it hits 4 in the afternoon, all I want is some iced-tea to cool down and a swim in the ocean. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And maybe a little wink from some turtles. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here's to Personal Rules for your Personal Goals. Don't be shy or hesitant...make them! Don't worry about failure. I guarantee it doesn't worry about you. Love you all! XO, Tessa 1057398_10200102624797004_1272462792_n    

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