My Personal Rules: #4 Fat Combo

This next rule is something that took me a long time to create. For the very simple reason that I didn't know about it. Through trial and error I have found that this one rule...if I didn't follow and my body would greatly regret it. Combining food is what we do. In this day and age with the experimentation of succulent food and all that have to combine foods to make unique tastes. Yet I have found that there is a combination that I just cannot do. Carbs and Fats. It all started with a story my mother told me a long time ago about the first time she moved to San Francisco. She was newly divorced, working long hours, and didn't have time to cook. One day she was taking a walk and found this gorgeous little store that sold the most delicious herb and flavor filled olive oil that she had ever tasted. She bought a bottle. To go with the oil she bought a loaf of bread. It took her one week to go through that bread and oil, but she said it was amazing. Every night she would come home from work and eat it. After that one week, she happened to weigh herself. 11 In one week, she had gained ten pounds. This is no joke, folks. When I remembered this story I started to see the significance of making sure the combinations of your food are not lethal to your body. So I stopped combining fats with carbs. Unless it is my Cheat Day, I do not touch Bread and butter or bread and oil. This is perhaps why fried foods are so horrible for not only our hearts, but the scale. Examples, Potatoes with oil = french fries avocado with chips Bread and cheese (AKA, Pizza) popcorn with butter Hot Dogs Here, in Hawaii, the combo that I stay away from the most, but it also drives me crazy is, Macadamia nuts and Chocolate! Oh good. But I simply save it...if I want it that bad, it can wait until Friday  (my cheat day). 50b920eed04c9ec1 These are the examples of obvious bad combos, but I even stay away from a combination of healthy fats and carbs. Don't be afraid of Carbs, and don't be afraid of Fats. Just don't combine them very often. And whatever you do...don't eat bread and olive oil every night. Whatever you away no matter how good it tastes. My mother would second me on this... XO, Tessa 16652_1136852870132_6156195_n    

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