My Personal Rules: #5 The Clock Strikes Seven

I started this rule many years ago when I learned that Calories were simply energy. In a quick explanation, calories help your body temperature rise to begin the metabolic system. Make sense? So with this knowledge I started questioning, why would you need to eat late at night? This started a "no eating after dinner rule" for myself. There are definite exceptions to this rule... #1 if you workout late, #2 if you are simply starving after a long day. What I always suggest to people if they need an exception, then go ahead...just stick to green veggies and egg whites after dinner for a snack before bed. That will truly test if you are hungry or if you are simply wanting taste. If you aren't hungry enough for egg whites and veggies...than you might question if you are hungry. I have been so starving that green beans sounded AWESOME. Now that's hunger. The trouble that most people have with this rule is boredom and significant others. Sitting on the couch at night while watching television is snack zone. People want to be crunching on chips or sucking on candy because it's comfortable. If you want this rule, you will have to fight for it. I would say out of all my rules, this was the most difficult to keep going. I can happily say after years of practice I am still strong! Even when I have this to compete with... 57921_287112838055697_1634178376_n   This is my road block. He's a man that has never gained weight in his life, and spends most nights with his bowl of candy, cereal, ice cream, or munching on chips. When you are trying to say no to these things, the last thing you need is the smell of chocolate wafting up your nose. So, I move down to the floor with someone who doesn't eat unless we feed him... 582368_3330239023415_1602879660_n   Mr. Tibbs and I have spent plenty of nights just doing our best not to sit down wind to the glorious smells that come from the Dude on the couch. Stay strong. This is one of those rules that will have true pay off if you stick with it! XO, Tessa  

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