My Top 3 Powerlifting Moves--BURN!

My last post was my "ode to lifting," but what are my favorite POWERLIFTING moves?  As in most of my posts, I love lifting.  I love the feeling of throwing the weight around and feeling strong and powerful.  But, what I love most is the feeling that I get when I am in the middle of a lift or a set and I feel like I cannot go on...and then I do...just one more set, one more rep, one more time.  This is what I want YOU to experience.  I hope that by giving a slight tutorial to my Top 3 Powerlifting moves, you will be inspired to go and try them!  Always remember that these moves do not necessarily require heavy weight, most of these moves can be done with body weight, bands, or lighter weight. Kaitlin's Top 3 Powerlifting Moves: 1. Good Mornings: How to Perform Move: Stand with your feet strongly planted to the ground, hips width distance apart, place a weighted bar across your shoulders, bend at the hips--this is your starting position.  Then, with your knees only slightly bent, come to an almost standing vertical position, for 1 repetition. Try 3 sets of 8-10 reps. 0910-good-morning-bend.small preview   2. Deficit Deadlift: How to Perform Move: Start with a platform like a small box jump or two-three plates stacked on top of each other, one for each foot.  Place a weighted barbell in front of the platform, stand on the platform, bend at the hips, with your grip about shoulder width apart, inhale and lower your hips down as you are gripping the bar, with bent knees, your shins should be close to or touching the bar.  Drive through your heels and pull the bar upward, up your shins, engaging your glutes, and once the bar passes your knees, pull the rest of the bar up quickly.  Lower the bar slowly to the ground.  This is one repetition. Try 3 sets of 6-8 reps. deficit deadlift   3. Tire Flipping How to Perform this Move: Now, I know that not everyone will have access to a tractor tire.  But, there are a lot of junk yards that will give you them for free.  My tractor tire is 165 pounds and I am OBSESSED with it.  My favorite movement with the tire is tire flipping.  Begin in a kneeling position, with your hands placed under the tire, as you start to drive up, place your weight through your heels and lift up the tire with your hamstrings and glutes, not lower back.  If the tire is too heavy, drop down to a lighter size and work your way up.  Drive tire up to its side and with your core, push the tire over for one flip!  Continue over and over until fatigue! tire flip   Try one or all THREE of these moves this week!  I promise you, you will feel STRONG and POWERFUL!  Remember to use caution when beginning to weightlift.  DO NOT lift heavier than you are able!  Be mindful and work your way up!  Injuries are not fun! and Good LUCK!   BEAST MODE!  

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