Summer is Here!!... but not to worry, you still have time to get in Beach Body Shape!

First off, make the most of your time at the gym by having EFFECTIVE workout sessions! I can’t stress this enough! Otherwise you end up wasting your time & energy and won’t achieve the results you are seeking.

 The Secret to Fat Loss is to shoot for becoming Super Strong & Super Fit! Don’t under estimate your Strength…Embrace it! Push past your comfort zone!

You will not bulk up, you will Slim Down! :) 



1. Train your Legs!

Your legs are your largest muscle group, if you want maximum calorie burn, and maximum Fat Loss at rest & serious results then I highly recommend training your legs twice a week!

Day 1: 4 sets/12-15 challenging reps! Pick 4-5 different leg exercises

Day 2: Pick 5-6 leg exercises using your own body weight or light weight and work up to 30 reps…supersetting also works well here with cardio intervals :)


2. Minimize your rest time between sets to one minute or less! A good weight training session does not require a lot of time…be efficient for best results.


3. Get your cardio sessions in! Cardio is an important part of slimming down. I suggest 2/50 minute sessions where your heart rate stays elevated the entire session! If you can’t run or sprint use the incline on the treadmill or use the bike, elliptical etc, but the key is to not let your heart rate drop too low. If 50 minutes is too long go for 35 minutes, but pass the 20 minute mark! You begin to access fat for fuel after approx. 20 minutes in!

I personally do my at home workouts 4-5 days a week and then I jog/walk for 1 hour outside utilizing hills in my neighborhood.


4. Have a pre and post-workout Whey Protein shake!! You need nutrition to fuel a good workout and also to assist and accelerate fat loss. At the same time you want to eat something that is easy to digest, yet High in nutrition!

I suggest making a shake and drink half before and half right after your workout. :)


5. Upper Body Weight training should not be neglected!

Your back, chest, shoulders, and Abs are also large muscle groups that Accelerate Fat Loss.

I suggest working 4 sets & 10-12 challenging reps! Pick 3 back exercises, 1-2 chest exercises, 2 shoulder exercises that can be super setted, and a giant set of abs (for abs do 2 giant sets…ie. crunches,leg raises,obliques,bike abs, and end with a plank 1 minute!)


 Try implementing these tips into your exercise Routine for the next 4 weeks and you'll be sure to Hit the Beach FEELING GOOD!

  HERE"S A FUN WEIGHT LOSS TRAINING CIRCUIT TO TRY! **Ensure a 10 minute cardio warm up before starting the circuit.
  1. DB pushup + plank reach    10 reps
  2. Burpee + jumps over prop/DB and back 3-5 each way (right/left)
  3. Japanese pushups 12-20 reps
  4. DB Squat jumps 3-5 reps+ plank  jacks 3-5 reps + Squat presses 3-5 reps  **repeat twice before next exercise
  5. Skip 30 seconds-1 minute
  6. Plank + kness to side 10-20 reps

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